Those of you who know me know that I make terrible puns. Sometimes, those puns work great. Other times, not so much. And very rarely, yes very very rarely, I make horrible puns. And when I met Caty and she introduced herself to me, I said, you're Kaite. And she corrects me, 'Yes, like Katie, but with a C'. And I introduced her to a friend saying, 'She is Kaite with a C and he Sea is big.' See it works perfectly well in written, but not in speech. I didn't realize it until it was pointed out to me, rather bluntly and I was, well, speechless. But she was a sport and took it gracefully
And when we saw each other again for an impromptu shoot, I learned more about her. About her job as a social media coordinator for the Navy, her college career playing basketball, her horrible time going through torn ACL(s) and menisci, and her current life living with three cats and a dog. And also, I made better pun and neutralized the dissent. Her Instagram id is @cater.bug and I joked her how she caters to bugs, like one catering to photographers. Get it? Okay, I'll stop.
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