Sometimes you meet someone in your life and immediately connect with them. This doesn't usually happen to me considering my esoteric interests and arcane life. But not Kaley. And definitely not immediately. We first met on U St and Vermont, those who live in D.C. know it is the U St Metro stop. I took some pictures of her and she took mine. And after that, we had a conversation over Instagram about the pictures we took and I got an opportunity to peer into her life. We LOVE the same music band (The Lumineers), have similar interests (some not all), use same website builder (Adobe Portfolio), the color of our cars (dark red and maroon), and types of food. But her words during a conversation impressed me a lot. I was taking her pictures and it was a reply to my question, "Who is the strongest person you know in your life?" My mom is the strongest person I know of in my life. And this is because she puts up with a lot of difficult people, instants, and events in her life and turns them to her advantage. And when Kaley said 'My mom is the strongest person I know of in my life, because she had a really difficult time bringing me and my sister up', I was moved. Thank you for letting me share your story, Kaley. You are awesome! portrait photographer
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