ambient light lit night shot

alone in a garden, left to be enthralled by flowers

bokeh: borrowed from Japanese boke "blur, haziness"

one key light, one fill light: makes great headshot

lights to illuminate or wings to fly?

you say Cyan, I say Red

cherish your friendships

window key light, CFL fill light

happy and alone; alone and happy

FREEZE... i mean the time

looking at you, looking at me

dance your way into limelight

I could be a Jewelry photographer... right?

windy days make great still photos

feel the current... then jump in the stream

all tracks lead you to her

is it too cold or is it her?

make this city yours... start by tying your hair in a knot

sunlight is the key light

or window light

40º34'34.61N; 74º8'41.42W

"I'm a boss, you a worker, bitch; I make bloody moves"


she finds pace in her space

jump in the air... the earth will catch you

dancing in the sunlight...

who said fitness can't be cuteness? 

shot taken directly from a 70s movie


don't stop looking at me

no time to play with your heart

stomp on the ground... tell 'em you belong

soft and sensible

compliment or complement?

like a petal after a shower

the light is on you...always

posing for sun

watching the rain fall

friends of friends

no fill light

don't walk away from me


Claire Underwood at the river

the light will not blind you

golden hour happiness

you encompass all colors

paint your way into limelight

the Duke of Columbia Heights

shadows don't define you

double exposure. double happiness

be someone she writes to. not someone she writes about


do dooo dooo do do...

the world is your lawn

those eyes...

wings to fly

let love spring 

ocf portrait

sass and bass

let it flow

she stays in dark to light her man

flowers to your beautiful


i'll hold you close


captivate with your eyes

hiding to find you

fall-ing in love


who's looking at you when you're not looking?

headshots with no strobes

tattoos and smiles

"cool for the summer"

nurture your heart

45 degree sunrise

can you tell it's cold?

bend the light

focal blur? what is that?

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