Jefferson Memorial
I don't think I have to tell you about the importance or story of Thomas Jefferson in the history of the United States of America. So, I will tell you about the story of how I ended up at Jefferson Memorial and my memories at the memorial. I will title this Memories at the Memorial. I didn't plan this, just happened while I started typing this). So about a year and half ago, when I ended up in DC from Kansas City, I was looking for Ultimate Frisbee games near me. You know search the web using the string, "Google+Friends+Location+Time" as the search parameters and I learned about one group who played(s) almost every day in the evening, Virginia Highlands Ultimate (I took some pictures of the game there. Find them in the Sports section).
So I decided to show up and play. But I had about two hours to spare before the game started. So I while driving down on 395 S, I took a detour and ended up near what looked like a river (the Potomac). I parked on Ohio Drive SW (did you know that only 2 state named streets in DC do not end up in Ave. California St, and Ohio Dr. Mind-blown, right?) and started walking around and along the river bank. At the eastern end of Ohio Drive, the road split into two, one continues to Maine Ave and the other toward West Potomac park. Robert Frost would've loved me because I exactly thought about the poem, take the road less traveled or the normal one. I started walking toward Maine Ave and saw the famous dome on the left. Google told me it is the Jefferson Memorial, don't judge me! I started walking towards the memorial and started taking pictures. The facade consists of the Jefferson's statue at the center, directly below the center of the dome, with a series of columns arranged in a circle. At dawn and dusk, when sun is just rising and setting, these columns cast shadows in the memorial, which are exemplary. I tried to capture those shadows and I'm pretty happy how they turned out. What do you think? Let me know

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