WalkWIthLocals - D.C.
I found out about this photographer/locals/IGers meetup group in D.C. from a friend and it is a fun group to hangout on a weekend. Carl Maynard, the dude clapping in the grid below is the guy who started this group and has been getting it going for the past 2 years. On an interview with 'With the Locals" website, Carl said, "The biggest lesson I've learned so far is people don't need an incentive to explore. It's always just about community. People want to explore. It's just natural to want to see what you've not yet seen. People want to meet people. We all want friends outside of our office or gym. WWL is pushing to bring people from all sorts of backgrounds. We have lawyers, bakers, journalists, artists and government workers at our walks all at the same time." Dude, you missed scientists, man. I'm with the group too. Right?

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