You know the drill. I'm a social guy, I like meeting new people, I meet people randomly at coffee shops, talk to them, most of them ignore me, like I'm just a bug, but once in a while people like Kelly take a gander with my camera and think, maybe he is good after all. I end up asking the inevitable, 'Can I take you pictures?' and then some runaway and some dare and say 'Okay (RME)'. Kelly didn't roll her eyes and neither did she think long. I found after that encounter that she visited my home country India (Duh) a while back and 'had an amazing time. Can't wait to go back' and I was stupid that I didn't ask, 'You're going back? To India? To do what?' The most interesting aspect of following her visit to India was that she did what us Indians do, like taking a Rickshaw ride, getting on a Tonga (aka horse pulled carriage), draping a saree, you know, Indian stuff!

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