Sitting in an idling car, waiting for my friend Aaron to show up in Grandview (South Kansas City) on a late Sunday evening, I was listening to Sheryl Crow singing about how 'Everyday is a winding road'. Little did I know that I will have made a fantastic friend that night and Sheryl Crow was indeed correct, for it turned out, my life took a winding turn. I found a friend in Mikayla.
Aaron, I and another friend, David planned to meet up and hang out at Mikayla's place. Mikayla who I hadn't met yet. So obviously, I waited in my car about a block away instead of 'just walking in' because the door was open (her words, and Aaron's). 15 minutes after the scheduled start, Aaron walks up to the door totally forgetting I'm waiting in the car and not inside. Startled by my shout 'Aaaaaaron', he realizes that fact and walks me in.
I don't vividly or vaguely remember the night, but only pieces. Like when Mikayla talked about how to properly do a headstand (yes, Yoga) and to stretch muscles for deeper relaxation. And David out of nothing starts singing a T.Swift song shaking his legs and the other two joins him. I had very little to contribute to the discussion, but all I did was add Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart, Cyndi Lauper's Time After Time, and Eric Carmen's All by Myself to the playlist. I left the house around 11, the first to leave after a relaxing time with what I could call friends. At our next hangout, we watched 'The Little Princess', the Disney movie about a little girl who is forced to live at a boarding school after her father goes missing, presumed dead.  And she didn't make fun of me when I cried during the movie. portrait photographer

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